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In Tempo: October Changelog

October's In Tempo covers new features and functionality including our events explorer, new API endpoints, and more.


Building the future of billing: Why I joined Metronome

Suyog Rao, Metronome's Head of Engineering, shares his perspective on why he joined Metronome and his excitement about what the team is building and the journey ahead.


In Tempo: September Changelog

This month's In Tempo covers new features and functionality including embeddable dashboards, automated credit grants, and a new alert type.


In Tempo: August Changelog

Learn about the exciting updates we shipped including Alerts, our Salesforce integration, SSO, sandbox mode, and more.


Empowering revenue teams with Metronome and Salesforce

Metronome's new Salesforce integration gives sales teams real-time usage and spend data to drive customer acquisition and adoption efforts.


Starburst launches new product and pricing model with Metronome

Last year, Starburst successfully launched a new flagship product, Starburst Galaxy, their first self-serve offering. Metronome’s flexible usage-based billing platform helped them quickly get a new product and pricing model to market.


Real-time usage insights with Metronome Alerts

With Metronome Alerts, you can now integrate customer spend signals into your go-to-market efforts. We make it easy to set up usage-based spend notifications without any engineering effort.


Announcing Metronome's SOC 2 Type 2 certification

We're excited to announce that Metronome has received our SOC 2 Type 2 certification! This marks an important milestone in our commitment to data privacy and security.


Launch, iterate, and scale with Metronome

Learn how Metronome was designed from the ground up to help software companies launch products and pricing updates quickly, iterate on pricing and packaging without writing code, and scale their business models effortlessly as they grow.


Introducing Metronome

We’re delighted to introduce Metronome, billing infrastructure that helps companies launch, iterate, and scale their usage-based business models. We’ve spent the last two years building it, and we can’t wait to share our work with you.


Metronome's new AWS Marketplace integration

Learn how Metronome can now help your business reach hundreds of thousands of customers through the AWS Marketplace.